Blurring the Line Between Disruption and Diversion (EN)

On September 26, at the Symposium’s round table on approaches to non-permanent public art works, several diverging points of view and objectives were presented and discussed.  Among those, some of the most interesting questions were those surrounding the relationship of the organizers to the artists and to their public, as well as questions about trust, freedom, and non-permanence. Who is this for? Questions of relationships and loyalty One can never please everyone, and no matter how wide your desired appeal, one must always know their audience, their market, their public, or their community.  The moderator Jean-Pierre Caissie addressed this question […]

A Most Ethereal and Ephemeral Type of Mural (EN)

If you were to wander behind the towering building of Lafrance on a sunny afternoon during the symposium, you might have caught a glimpse of a most ethereal and ephemeral type of mural. Denis Lanteigne’s La face cachée du Soleil: metamorphoses trio (which translates to The Hidden Face of the Sun: Trio Metamorphoses) is an innovative and literally moving mural, that uses sunlight and mirrors instead of paint. The principle behind this work is quite simple, and yet the successful execution of it, is extremely complex. To create this work, Lanteigne designed and built of system of many mirrors on […]

Kiss & Fly (EN)

The newest addition to the Millennium Ecological Park’s permanent works is an architectural pavilion, entitled Kiss & Fly, designed by the collective M+M+M. This poetic pavilion skirts the line between the hidden and the highlighted as it evokes the desire for travel and exploration. Nestled into nature and tucked into the tall grass, its burnt black finish stands out from the surrounding colours as its summit appears to float weightless above the flora. This intriguing black box, floating above the grass excites the visitors’ desire to travel toward, to climb up, and to explore within the structure. It’s a part […]