Visions sociales du Parc écologique du Millénaire

Visions du Parc écologique du Millénaire [Visions of the Millennium Ecological Park] will present the history and objectives of the park in which the Symposium is taking place. Initially a large mowed lawn, this park became a site where nature was allowed to reclaim its space and in which public art pieces now exist side-by-side.

Ronald Babin (Moncton NB) is a full professor in sociology at the Université de Moncton (specializing in the study of social change and social movements; the environment; technology and society; as well as the sociology of work and organizations). He is development coordinator for the Millennium Ecological Park, which is to say that he is responsible for implementing a creative momentum to integrate a growing number of permanent earth art pieces. Ronald co-coordinated Moncton’s Symposium d’art nature in 2004 and 2012. He is the author of several publications (books, journals, book chapters and articles), scientific papers and numerous media collaborations concerning social change and contemporary social movements.