Faire le pont entre les Maritimes et le reste du monde pour mieux gérer les espèces fauniques d’importance écologique, économique et sociale du N.-B.

Experts in environmental and sustainable development are currently faced with the challenge of meeting the present needs of human societies without compromising future generations’ capacity to meet their own. In order to better overcome this challenge, it is essential to improve our understanding of the impact human activities have on animal populations that are economically, socially and ecologically important.

The research program directed by Marie-Andrée Giroux and the K.-C.-Irving Chair team will adopt a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to better grasp such problems. Within the framework of the Symposium d’art nature, the artist will make the key research elements accessible to the general public.

Marie-Andrée Giroux holds the K.-C.-Irving Research Chair in environmental sciences and sustainable development, and is a professor in chemistry and biochemistry at the Université de Moncton. In addition to forest regeneration, her current research efforts seek to study the role of animal populations supported by anthropogenic activities (e.g., agriculture and forestry) on the species that are hunted or at risk. Marie-Andrée’s work also aims to carry out the automated tracking of terrestrial vertebrate communities.