Sonja Hébert

Sonja Hébert
Originally from New Brunswick, Sonja Hébert lives in Vancouver where she dedicates her time to drawing and installations. Her artwork reflects the natural cycle of life through the themes of death, transmutation and displacement in their various forms. She is particularly inspired by the natural sciences, different kind of remains, mythology, dance and dreams.

Sonja draws mainly serially using charcoal, graphite and oil sticks, including decoupage. Her 3-dimensional pieces are often made in situ as part of projects related to her residency and made from natural materials and organic in form. A graduate from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, Sonja has participated in residencies in Europe and Canada.


During her stay at the Millennium Ecological Park, Sonja will braid large plaits from the wild grasses growing in the park, without uprooting them. Although reorganized and interwoven, the grasses will be able to continue their natural life cycle.

Sonja is convinced that the survival of humankind in this millennium depends on the will to know intimately the land that surrounds us. Braiding grasses is a way to initiate a first physical contact with the land. It is also a reflection on the primordial role that grasses play in the ecology and the impact they have had on human civilization.