Edward «Ned» Bear

Edward Ned A. Bear
(Mosom Maskwa) is a Plains Cree/Wolastoqiyik with 25 years in the visual arts field, who received formal art training at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, and was, the first aboriginal student to graduate from this institution, including graduating with Honors. He studied at the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (presently known as “ The First Nations University of Canada”) .. in the Indian (First Nation) Art Department program, and then continued studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax NE. He holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from University of New Brunswick and continued in Graduate Studies in Critical Theory for 2 years at this facility.

He has New Brunswick Teacher’s Certification, having taught Native Art at the Fredericton High School for 10 years, and then as Director of Education for Ekpahaq First Nation, for another decade.

He was acted Chairman, for the development of the New Brunswick Museum ‘Wolastoqiyik’ website project.

Bear continued his professional artist throughout, and has participated in numerous international, national & regional group, and solo Art exhibitions. His focus in his art is on giving a contemporary interpretation to Aboriginal traditional spiritual beliefs, in his hand-sculpted masks, and in figure-forms of marble & limestone. He is also involved in the practice and production of the basic ‘traditional’ Native American flute.

Ned was awarded a 2006 fellowship from the Smithsonian Institute , New York City, U.S.

Also, selected for the 2007 Gibraltar International Artist Residency at Toronto Island, Ontario. He was involved in a cooperative 2010 Winter Olympics project on a free-standing public sculpture, placed in Whistler, BC. And more recently, was a four month 2012 solo exhibition at the Art Gallery Nova Scotia, Halifax Mosom Maskwa: Pawakan.



a carving made into a living tree entitled “pawakan” (Spirit-Guide) ..all pawakan works are privy to names/titles, that are exclusive to the current placement-owners. Spirit guides are incorporeal beings that are assigned to help encourage and/or guide us through life problems. They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate by means and use of spiritual journeys to hidden worlds otherwise mainly known through visions, dreams, and near-death experiences.