Danyèle Alain

Motivated by a desire to revitalise charitable relationships with the earth, Danyèle Alain reinterprets the art/nature relationship. Concerned by the high stakes invoved in our ever-expanding techno-culture in the face of our live’s integrity, she draws inspiration from the fabulous complexities of  Man’s relationship with the environnment. Her multidisciplinary actions are based on the notion of transformation, exchange, and flow.  In the Wake of an in situ installation based process, using natural elements (vegetable, minéral, fire), her current work is based on the transformation of matter such as milk and vegetables, and on the esthetic subtleties of their poetic power as well as their symbolic attributes.  For over ten years, her work centers on Filia , a timeless enterprise installed in a small caravan specifically designed and geared  to be a place of work, of production, of viewing as well as a lieu of exchange and encounter.

Her work has been shown in Quebec, Canada, France, Mexico, and Uruguay. Danyèle lives in Roxton-Pond, Quebec , and is invested in the conserving the flora as well as wildlife on land situated in Témiscouata. She is the director for the 3e Impérial , centre d’essai en art actuel (Granby, Québec) where she has been contributing for over twenty years to the création of a collaborative Platform and dissémination of contextual art, particularily art that explores and infiltrates sensitive areas and occasionnally touches territory that is eccentric to both Man and geography.

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Within the Filia caravan, the womb’s fertility is maintained, a womb from which emerge actions anchored in a living space. A space where slow brewing is possible, its slowness itself giving rise to meeting, learning, and sharing, enabling a space to connect.  Filia brings together a laboratory, a boudoir and a small room filled with objects, relics and books for reference use. During my stay, I will actively reconstruct the filial bonds of a random poetic tree genealogy. I will concoct some enjoyable elixirs and drinks from some of autumn’s  flowers, fruits, and roots. You are all invited.

Three locations are involved in my action over the course of the Symposium : – Roxton Pond, my house with twelve acres of rocky ground where elm trees, cherry trees, maples, birch trees, poplars, cottonwood, some old apple trees, goosegrass, mugwort, burdock, goldenrod, motherwort, St.-John’s-wort, raspberry bushes, Michaelmas, increasingly scarce Mallow, and ferns and cattails around the pond… – Témiscouata, a forest refuge, with singing streams and dancing trout, wild strawberry floor coverings, sweet  everlasting flowers, and awe inspiring sunsets. The deep Maliseet roots of this territory, echoing those of the Maritimes… – Moncton’s Millenium Ecological Park, a place where art is welcome, driven by the desire to rediscover its indigenous nature… On these adoptive lands, i will respectfully pick samples of indigenous species and will symbolically reintroduce them to the park.