Call for project submissions 2016

Symposium d’art/nature : Moncton 2016

September 22 to October 2 2016
in the Millennium Ecological Park,
with incursions elsewhere in the city
–Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada–
Parc écologique du Millénaire (Millennium Ecological Park)

The Ecological Park is an urban green island like no other. Inaugurated in 2000, its mission is to be an educational tool for the environment inviting all to real action and commitment. It was conceived as a means to reverse the contemporary ecological crisis. It is host to more than 600 native trees and shrubs. It includes works of art, trails, a pavilion, a pond and a stream, and is situated on the edge of the Université de Moncton campus, adjacent to a residential area and a boulevard.

Symposium d’art/nature (Art/Nature Symposium)

The organizing committee is preparing to hold a nature art symposium from September 22 to October 2, 2016 in Moncton.


For a long time, human beings have thought they must master nature, that it is there to be worked, cultivated, and exploited to meet ever growing needs. But this approach has brought us far beyond the biophysical limits of the planet as evidenced by the climate change crisis. The existential challenge of how to respond in a sustainable and viable way requires increasing human creativity. Art and ecology are thus interwoven and involved in this great challenge of the twenty-first century.

Until its creation, the Millennium Ecological Park was an unused space, free from the development of the surrounding territory. With the human action of its creation and the addition of successive works of public art, this area has been developed with a concern for education on the environment.

Given the progress made since the park’s creation, questions persist. What happens to abandoned areas? How can artists contribute to the value of spaces that are not the product of any use or development or the subject of a protected area? In other words, how does one negotiate the gap between nature and culture, and all the conflicts that live there? Can a balance between cultural and ecological planning be achieved?
Projet proposals will be received until August 12, 2015

By August 12, 2015, we invite artists who have in situ artistic approach to propose a project that might develop over a period of ten days and invest public space.

Your proposal must include:
• a cover letter with full contact information (mailing address, email, telephone);
• a project description (max 200 words.) (.doc, .pdf)
• a cv (.doc, .pdf)
• a brief documentation of previous work: ten to twenty digital images (max 2MB total.) Along with a short description (list .doc, .pdf), audio/video documentation (max 5 min. placed on a video service on the internet), and/or any other relevant documents;
• a press kit and/or critical text on your work (optional) (.doc, .pdf).
For ecological reasons, we invite you to send your file (maximum weight: 8 MB) electronically to:

The Symposium pays artist fees corresponding to the standards recommended by CARFAC.

Organising Committee

Ronald Babin, Jean-Pierre Caissie, Nisk Imbeault, Elise Anne LaPlante, André Lapointe. With support from Université de Moncton, Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen of Université de Moncton and the Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick.